I didn’t know how to get started let alone who to trust. Renato was referred to me by my brother in law who has done very well under his guidance so I decided to at least to meet with him to see what I could learn and if I could start setting myself up. I knew I was in safe hands straight away. Renato did everything he said he would and continues to check up on me and keep me on my toes financially. He’s even protected me from the pitfalls of some of the properties I would have chosen if he wasn’t around. He’s a bit like a personal trainer but for lifestyle and money. I wonder what position I would be in now if I had met him sooner? Sincere thanks!

Jodie – Sandringham

Thanks Renato for guiding me on how to use my super to purchase my investment property. I wouldn’t have taken that extra step without the backing of your years of experience, knowledge and contacts within the industry. Looking forward to buying the next!

Rupert – Kensington

Approaching forty was a scary thought for me being a single mother on a modest income. It suddenly hit me – was I at where I needed to be at in terms of financial security for my young son and I? I was referred to Renato by a friend. I was a little embarrassed to disclose my financial position as I had a $100,000 loan and no extra savings. He soon pointed out that the hidden asset was the equity of $150,000. He showed me that we could use this to purchase an investment property which would set up my retirement. I’m resting a lot easier now knowing I’ve secured more for our future!

Lynne – Frankston

My husband and I felt like all we did was work without getting anywhere fast. Then we had a wedding to pay for and that was the beginning of the end financially. We never seemed to get on top of bills from that time on. We continually robbed Peter to pay Paul as they say and we couldn’t see a way out. Luckily we met Ren through a friend and he consolidated the mess. Now 2 years on we have paid off our debts and even managed to buy a 1 bedroom unit in Melbourne’s inner suburbs – something we didn’t consider possible on a combined income of $85,000 and in our initial position before meeting Ren. Couldn’t recommend him more!

Naomi and Steve – Chelsea

Great city apartments on offer, looking forward to doing more business!

Harry Jackson – Doncaster